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Dubrovnik, Croatia seems to defy conventional wisdom about the former Yugoslavia. Set against the Adriatic Sea within the Mediterranean; Dubrovnik combines old world living with modern world hustle; albeit only when the cruise ships come in.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Dubrovnik is a miracle story in which a city and her people displayed perserverance throughout some of the World's darkest times. From the Nazis,Communism, the USSR and brutal Civil War between 1991-1995, Dubrovnik stands as a symbol of strength and resistance but also beauty. The Pearl of the Adriatic is surrounded by majestic limestone walls have stood the test of time who have stoically watched the winds of change for hundreds of years.

Let your mind wander as you stroll through the streets of Dubrovnik, some only two people wide. Let your eyes guide your feet to discover the subtle yet striking treasures that most take for granted. Lounge on the beaches outside of the fortress wall or have a drink on the cliffs outside the wall while listening to soft music. Music lovers, romantics, tourists and families alike, Dubrovnik has it all.

Dubrovnik is one of the best kept secrets in Europe and one that should be near the top of every persons bucket list to see and visit.