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Lloyd MacKenzie(non-registered)
I see you did make it back from CT in one piece and made the most of that last trip up the trail over Vernazza.

Once again, many thanks for the battery exchange. You saved my trip to Pisa where I got some rather great albeit cheesy shots of the little one holding up the leaning tower:) When I got home there was one bar left on the battery and only eight shots on the final card!

Take care. Say hi to that beautiful and patient woman you have in your life.

... a comrade-in-arms.
Scott, good to meet you yesterday. Great site, and I'm happy to meet a real person who uses Zenfolio...been thinking of using it or smugmug for a while. Lets get together when I get back to shoot and so I can pick your brain some more.
Dave F.
Dusty Ryder(non-registered)
You two do amazing work. Its unreal at all the landscapes around the world. Keep doing what ya'll are doing. Its great!
Cindy Amerson(non-registered)
We are studying landforms and geography. Thanks for sharing your photos!!! Mrs. Amerson's Class
All photo album's are very nice, very colorful, well done.
I am loving the new look and the slide show at the top!!!!
All the photo albums are wonderful to see.
Scott, great photos. I see your still producing outstanding work. Thanks for sharing.
Pamela Campbell(non-registered)
Scott, your photography is beautiful!!
Elizabeth Laxton(non-registered)
This is a true artist. His work is exemplary!!
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