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In an effort to show that the war in Iraq is not all what you see on TV or the sensational nightly news I have placed this gallery on here to show different sides good and bad of the war. As a veteran of the war a lot of pictures were ones I took and others those that other people took. Whatever your views on the Iraq war look for yourself, see hear and learn from those who have been there not those who are concerned only with viewers and ratings. None of these pictures are for sale due to my personal convictons

Guestbook for Mosul and Tal Afar, Iraq
Mike Cahoon(non-registered)
I want to thank you for your service and these amazing pictures. Our son was with marine EOD as their Corpsman in Iraq and is now headed to Afghanistan. We want to buy him a camera that is digital, robust, easy to use etc. I hope you have a recommendation. My email is

Thank again for your service as we love all you guys and gals. Mike
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